This website is mostly an attempt to fight procrastination, to conquer the constrains of understanding and establish a baseline of knowledge by actually re-inventing the wheel. The intention is to approach things with “grab the bull by the horns” mentality and it is intended to be used as a point of reference by the author(s). For all the times we were looking for information but we weren’t able to find it among our bookmarks.


What it’s all about? You know when you are looking for a buzzword to impress people, right? When you are looking the key to the cool kids club. Well…I thought a domain name out of the Intel assembly instruction set could potentially be that key. STMXCSR is the instruction that STores the content of the MXCSR status register in memory. Obviously this domain is used to just express me and in no way generate any profit or used for financial purposes. My intention is to use this domain to share knowledge from my perspective. The website is intended to be in a perpetual “work in progress” status.

Request for Feedback

Life evolves over time. Thus, the content of this website may become obsolete or miss critical details. In order to keep up with the changes, I kindly request your feedback on the published content as well as any advice or recommendation you may have. See the Contact tab if you wish to get in touch.

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